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Electric Cars For Kids

Electric cars for kids excite both children and adults alike. A child’s unrivalled imagination runs wild with an electric car, which looks, sounds and drives like her mom’s car.

Electric cars for kids typically cost anywhere between $150 and $700. The low end vehicles usually are geared toward young toddlers, whereas the high end cars, which can go faster than the lower end models, normally are for older children. Whether you purchase electric cars for kids on the low end or the high side of the spectrum, you should keep your child’s safety in mind.

Electric Cars For Toddlers

The youngest a child can be to climb aboard a powered ride on toy is 12 months. These cars run on a 6V battery and reach a maximum speed of only 2.5 mph. Make sure to get an electric children’s car that has an automatic brake, meaning it will stop as soon as your little motorist takes her foot off the gas or finger off the button.

Fisher Price makes ATVs and quads that are appropriate for this age range. For girls, the Barbie Lil Trail Rider ATV Girl's Sport Quad provides a safe, comfortable ride. Boys will enjoy Fisher Price’s Lil Quad, a blue and yellow powered ride on toy, appropriate for 1-year-olds.

Electric Cars For Preschoolers

Preschoolers as well as 6- and 7-year-olds can ride electric cars for kids that run on a 12V battery. Their maximum speed is 5 mph and sometimes include a reverse feature. This age range has numerous options available.

Fisher Price cars include Mustangs, Ford trucks, a Lightning McQueen look-alike and even Escalades. For these vehicles, children must at least be 3 years of age.

Electric Cars For Elementary-Age Kids

These electric cars for kids go as fast as 15 mph and run on a 24V battery, or two 12V batteries. Such battery operated riding toys are best suited for older children.

For instance, the Injusa F1 Go-Kart is meant for at least 6-year-olds and is capable of holding up to 110 pounds. This futuristic-looking go cart could be for a boy or a girl.

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